Aquavista Films is the guaranteed one stop to the best in cave diving action footage, made by cave divers for cave divers we guarantee top notch water filled fun, awe and excitement every time.

Our organization is a collaborative effort between Quiet Diver Team in Mexico and The Dominican Republic Speleological Society in… huh The Dominican Republic.

For us cave diving and exploration is a way of life it is what we live for and in an effort to share our passion we have been filming a hand picked selection of our favorite Mexican and Dominican caves dives.

Cave diving let alone cave exploration are high risk and training intensive pursuits making these caves inaccessible to all but a few cave diving elite in filming our explorations we makes it possible for you to be right there with us, from the safety of your living room, when we enter places unseen and untouched since the dawn of geological times.

Are you tired of explaining why your car always smells like wet dog and that caves are not just rock but are actually amazing and beautiful places, do you need help when your fiends and family ask "what could possibly be so interesting in those caves?" a picture is worth a thousand words we are not sure how many words a film is worth but at no aditional cost, show them, answer the question and gain the admiration and respect you deserve.

Our films capture the entire gamut of overhead diving with everything from wide, vast and massive caves to dives of claustrophobic proportions, each DVD features genuine hand made music and sound design specifically produced with caves and cave diving in mind creating a visual and sonic palette that will swarm on your brain like flies on a mound of hippo dung.